We still want to hear from you……

In January, Theo Engelman (Chair, IGeLU Steering Committee) had reached out to the user community to collate customer stories on Salesforce cases. More details on this call can be found here : https://new.igelu.org/archives/9671

IGeLU wants to help customers to deal with these situations in a way that prevents collisions or any other unpleasant contact between customers and Ex Libris support staff. However, IGeLU cannot represent or advocate for individual customer cases.

These customer stories will be used in our talks with Ex Libris to help improve the customer support experience and we strongly urge the user community to reach out to us by filling in the details in the form : https://goo.gl/forms/euqZippXkz9RnQvX2

We truly believe there are more stories out there and it would help our collective voice, if we can bring them forward. This call will be open through ELUNA conference, so please feel free to reach out to the PWG coordinators if you have any questions or concerns.