Voyager Work Group

The first round of the enhancement voting cycle for Voyager 10.5 will begin soon.

Who can participate?

The Voyager Enhancements process is open to any member institution of ELUNA or IGeLU, as part of the Product Development Collaboration Agreement with Ex Libris. Submitting and voting on enhancements is limited to each member organization’s official representative. If you are unsure whether your institution is eligible to participate in this process or who your representative is, membership lists are available at:

How to Submit Requests?

Enhancement requests are entered in NERS ( using your institution’s IGeLU or ELUNA organization ID and password.

If your representative is having problems logging into or using NERS, please contact:

While only four enhancements currently exist in the system, please search NERS to see if the same or similar request already exists before submitting a new one. This will help avoid duplicates as more requests are submitted by the membership.

The following information may also be helpful during this process:

How to submit an enhancement request through NERS

Guidelines for creating an actionable enhancement request

Example of a great enhancement request

Submission of Voyager enhancement requests in NERS is available from January 28, 2021 – February 28, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact the Voyager Enhancement Coordinator, Laura Rounds (