Voyager PWG update

The Voyager 8.0 combined Collaborative Testing and Field Testing has begun and will last through early June 2011. Nine customers are participating, and have reported that the testing is going well.  Of those nine libraries, three are members of IGeLU, three are members of ELUNA, and three are members of both User Groups, and the institutions were picked to reflect the range and variety of libraries using Voyager – from small to very large, and running on both Solaris and Linux. Voyager 8.0 is planned for July 2011 release.

Meanwhile the Voyager 8.2 Enhancement Review Process continues. Following the initial balloting last year, a few ambiguous enhancement requests were returned by Ex Libris to the IGeLU and ELUNA Voyager PWGs for additional clarification.  The Voyager Development team will make the final review and assessment of the top 21 requests for the next release.

Habib Tabatabai, Voyager Product Working Group Coordinator