Voyager PWG news

Voyager 8

Voyager 8.0.0 went into general release 14 July, 2011 after being field tested by 8 partner libraries. As a result of the partner testing, 3 software enhancements were added to the release, 68 defects were submitted and fixed, and 18 documentation enhancements were made before the release. The Voyager 8.0.0 Collaborative and Field Test partners were:

CARLI (ELUNA, IGeLU), Colorado School of Mines (ELUNA, IGeLU), LCoNZ (3 members) (IGeLU), Auckland University of Technology, University of Otago, University of Waikato, Library of Congress (ELUNA), National Library of Medicine (ELUNA), Southern Methodist University (ELUNA), Tri‐University Group (a.k.a. TUG) (ELUNA, IGeLU), University of Edinburgh (IGeLU), University of Strathclyde (IGeLU). The University of Otago was both a CT partner and a FT partner as part of LCoNZ. Both LC and the Tri‐University Group were representatives of their respective institutions as well as the GDC Advisory Group.

Voyager 8.0.0 is a major release that delivers new features and functionality such as Global Data Change, SMS Messages, Client Auto Update, Patron Directory Service, and more. Voyager 8.0.0 also includes bug fixes from previous releases and new clients. Sites which are scheduling to upgrade after 28 July, 2011, will be upgraded to Voyager 8.0.0.

Sites that are on unsupported versions (currently Voyager 6 and below) and sites in need of defect fixes and want the new features are excellent candidates for this upgrade. Minimum hardware and software requirements for upgrading to Voyager 8.0.0 can be found in the Installation and Upgrade Requirements document available on the Documentation Center.

Voyager Test Server

Effective immediately, Voyager customers can license a Voyager Test Server without any additional license fees. Customers will be charged an installation/setup fee and annual maintenance. Note that a Voyager Test Server requires a separate server from the customer’s production environment. The new Voyager Test Server license terms are valid for all Voyager customers worldwide, regardless of region or User Group affiliation.

Habib Tabatabai, Voyager PWG Coordinator