Voyager enhancements

The Voyager v8.2 enhancement cycle started on 27th October 2010, and will run through to 19th November 2010. This is the first proper Voyager enhancement cycle for some time, so please do take this opportunity to make your voice heard!

IGeLU and ELUNA Product Working Groups have built a ballot from requests submitted to Pivotal, and have worked hard deduplifying and clarifying requests to make the list as comprehensive as possible. We believe we have presented those requests that best represent advancements to the system, clients, and add-on products.

Now (at last), Voyager

Balloting will be via the New Enhancement Request System (NERS) developed jointly by IGeLU and ELUNA. You can access NERS at You must be a member of ELUNA or IGeLU to vote. Each institution’s primary contact should have received login details back in July 2010 – primary contacts please contact if you haven’t received your details.

See the Voyager enhancements page for for more details on how to vote, and the Voyager documents for a downloadable list of enhancements on the ballot.

Queries about the process can be directed to the Coordinators of the two Product Working Groups:

Habib Tabatabai
IGeLU Voyager Product Working Group Coordinator

Ted Schwitzner
ELUNA Voyager Product Working Group Coordinator