Voting for ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) enhancements

The voting for the ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) enhancements starts Tuesday January 29th, and will run to Tuesday February 11th 00 pm.


We encourage you to participate in the ballot, just logon to NERS where you will find access to the voting directly on the start screen. The title of the ballot is “Survey on Ex Libris Customer Support Services”.
This ballot is a joint IGeLU and ELUNA, so all members of any usergroup can participate in this.

Each institution has 100 points to divide over the 45 enhancements that are eligible for voting.
The maximum number of points to give to one single enhancement is 75.

What about the results

After the ballot, we will count the numbers to determine the top 10 enhancement list.
This top 10 list serves as the IGeLU and ELUNA priority list for enhancements on Ex Libris CRM Salesforce.
We will send all enhancements to Ex Libris, not only the top 10, since Ex Libris specifically asked us to do so.

Why do we do this

IGeLU & ELUNA were asked by Ex Libris to provide customer feedback on Salesforce to help focus Ex Libris development efforts.
We have decided to leverage NERS for gathering your input and rating the requests.

Therefore we have setup a new product in NERS called: “Ex Libris
Customer Support Services” having these modules;
– ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce)
– ‘Ex Libris Product Documentation’
– ‘Ex Libris Learning Center’
– ‘Ex Libris Cloud Services’

Focus and other requests

The survey now focusses on ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) since this is what Ex Libris has asked for.
Besides the IGeLU and ELUNA priority top 10 list and the rest of the 45 enhancements, we will also send Ex Libris 6 additional requests.
Those requests were derived from other customer input sessions last year about the Cloud Status Pages and the IGeLU conference.
Although these 6 requests are not part of the ballot for ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) you can view them in NERS.
Just go to ‘Request’ and search by ‘Product’ “Ex Libris Customer Support Services” limiting on ‘Request Status’ “Received”.

For any NERS related questions, including changing your password or determining who your site contact might be, please contact the NERS team at

Theo Engelman

IGeLU SC member