Updates from Primo PWG

The process for the 2016 enhancement voting is finished. Ex Libris will provide the function ‘Provide email, print and push options for list of loans/requests in My Account’ (Ners Id 3441) which will be delivered for the current and the new UI. As this is an huge development work this will cost the community 100 complexity points and only one feature will be delivered. The remaining 50 complexity points will be transferred to the 2017 enhancement voting. This will give us the chance to get more features out of the current voting process.

Interoperability Group and IGeLU/ELUNA PWG conducted a number of hackatons for the new Primo UI. Goal of these sessions is to enable the community to switch to the new UI and to bring Ex Libris and community developers together. All events have been a great success as lots of Primo developers all over the world took part and talked about specific problems of the product. See for furter information (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICvM8Xa_gkE).

Christian Haenger
Coordinator, Primo PWG