Updates from Linked Open Data SIWG

The Linked Open Special Interest Working Group has recently recruited new volunteers and identified new leadership for our Working Body. Laura Akerman will be replacing Corey Harper as Coordinator, and Roxana Popistaşu will be stepping into Laura’s Deputy role. We are also adding a number of new volunteers to our Working Body roster.

The SIWG has also been re-organizing our efforts around a recently updated set of key goals. The launch of the Ex Libris Linked Data Collaboration Program is seen as a major milestone in the work of the LOD SIWG, and our primary goal going forward is monitoring, informing, and sharing the work of this group.

In the spirit of sharing these outcomes with the broader community, we would like to call your attention to linked data functionality and plans in Alma’s recent releases and roadmap:

* Linked Data features in the Alma September 2016 release

* Linked Data on the Alma Roadmap — See slides 7, 24, 47, 80-84 of the Alma Roadmap Highlights for information about Alma’s Linked Data APIs, Bibframe, RDF, and Triple Store for Alma.

If you are interested in joining the Linked Data Collaboration project Basecamp to participate in and/or receive email updates on conversations, please contact Shlomo Sanders.


Corey Harper

Coordinator, LOD SIWG