Summon – Your Feedback is needed

IGeLU would like to re-join Summon users within our organizational representation.  We need to know if you, or someone in your institution, are interested in participating in the reactivation of the Summon working group.

If you are interested in participating, please reply to my email (malvaraa@uc.d). During 2019-2020, I will be working as your IGeLU Steering Committee liaison.

Description and some tasks of Summon Working Group:
Ex Libris manages the development of Summon, 360, and Intota.   The new IGeLU Working Group looks to all aspects of the products but with special attention to the 360 Knowledge base, 360 Link interface, Summon knowledge base, Summon user interface (UX), and the Summon API. 

Enhancements and regular contact:
The role of the Working Group is to maintain contact with Ex Libris product management on a regular basis to raise concerns and share information in a conference call once a month. Ex Libris has agreed to devote 150 development points (the same as for Primo) to the customer enhancement process. IGeLU (together with ELUNA) uses the NERS system, where customers suggest and vote on new features. Ex Libris is then committed to developing those features using development points. The more complex the enhancement, the more points. Only members of IGeLU (or ELUNA) can participate in the enhancement process.

Conference work:
Another important role of the Working Group is to participate in the organization of the annual user conference. This helps to promote user initiatives and to build a strong Summon/360 track.

Some benefits to be Summon WG member:
• IGeLU Conference registration is free for SC, Coordinators and Deputy Coordinators
• IGeLU Developers Day registration is free for SC, Coordinators and Deputy Coordinators
• To be able to connect with other Summon peers

Kind regards,
Maribel Alvarado