Summon PWG – An update

Dear all,

With the decision by ELUNA to split the current joint Summon WG, we need to form an new IGeLU Summon WG.  We welcome your participation!

IGeLU invites all of you to join the formation of the new IGeLU Summon WG,  If you are willing to join the group, please respond to Theo Engelman ( or Ken Herold (  As always, we encourage all regions and language groups from the Summon community to comprise the group.

Members can expect to have a monthly internal meeting (more meetings for leadership of the group) and we will work closely with the ELUNA WG. Especially the enhancement process will not be split, but will stay on as a joint activity. This will of course involve collaboration between the ELUNA and IGeLU enhancement coordinators.

Our planning is to have the formation of the group ready in May. Scheduling monthly meetings will be done according to the preferences of the group.  Last but not least, we need to fill the coordinator position for the new IGeLU Summon WG.  Please volunteer to serve the Summon community!

Theo Engelman & Ken Herold
IGeLU Steering Committee Liaisons