Show & Tell

Show & Tell an IGeLU and ELUNA Analytics, Interoperability and Linked Open Data Special Interest Working Group Initiative

The Ex Libris eco-system has a great community of developers/technical supporters and we have been provided with several forums to help assess future product enhancements. Most of these focus on solving functional problems and not the technical aspect of solving the functional problem. This frequently results in reinventing the technical “wheel” because of a gap between the functional and technical people. For example: technical requests(new APIs) in NERS votings are frequently not noticed or voted upon because mostly functional people are voting and maybe this technical request is not completely understood…

We noticed that technically we mostly want the same things and that is why we, the IGeLU/ELUNA Special Interest Working Groups (SIWG) for Analytics, Interoperability and Linked Open Data are organizing “show and tell” sessions. These are minimal effort short (5-30 min. max) presentations that describe a problem, solution or question you may have.

Problems or solutions can be as simple or as complex as the situation warrants, and can apply to any Ex Libris product. We want to hear about as many of your technical challenges, workarounds, and hacks. This will also help us share solutions, more effectively report problems to Ex Libris support, and inform the development priorities of new products. We also invite Ex Libris to be present on these calls providing a direct link between the problems and the approaches they may take to resolve them.

The Analytics, Interop & LOD SIWGs