Salesforce enhancement voting cycle results

Great success

Although a bit late (sorry for that) we are proud to announce the results of the ‘Ex Libris CRM’ (Salesforce) enhancements voting cycle that ran from January 29th to February 11th.
The voting was a great success. 98 institutions participated, in the voting cycle, using NERS!
The resultlist of the voting has been sent to Ex Libris and this user input is much appreciated.

The result list is (members only!) to be found here

What about the results

From the result list we did not only send the top 10. Ex Libris specifically asked to send them total list of enhancement requests, so we did. The list containes 45 enhancement requests voted on and six general enhancement requests not votable.
These six general enhancement requests are from our perspective important for general Ex Libris Support Services performance of quality, five of them focussing on improvement of the Cloud Status Pages in the Ex Libris Customer Center.

Follow up

Ex Libris has reviewed the list in various forums and are now prioritizing the enhancements based on the ability to execute some of them.
This might require working with external vendors. We will receive a detailed answer towards the end of April.


We thank all the participating member institutions for their enhancement requests and their votes.
And of course the NERS team that facilitated us for this special enhancement cycle.