Registration open for the annual Rosetta Working Group meeting – June 1-3, 2021

This is a post on behalf of the Rosetta Working Group

We will be holding the annual Rosetta Working Group meeting remotely again this year and it’s time to register!

To enable participation from Rosetta customers across the spectrum of time zones we will run general group sessions on June 1, 2, and 3 between 7.30 PM and 10.30 PM (UTC), and then sessions between those times that are appropriate for the different regions (North America, Europe and Australasia). If you are a night owl, the ‘regional’ sessions are open to all customers.

For an outline of the proposed meeting structure please go to the 2021 Working Group Meeting page on the Rosetta wiki or here. Like last year, we will use the general sessions for community topics, Ex Libris updates and working group sessions. We will use the regional sessions for customer presentations, Q&A with Ex Libris and more informal customer discussions. If your institution has a program, development, implementation or problem that you are working on, or thinking about, and would like to share, please make sure to add this when you register. Similarly, if you have specific topics / issues that you would like to see covered within a general session please note this on the registration.

To register for the event please complete the following form. There is no fee to attend the event. Registration will close on May 8th.

Our main meeting tools will be Zoom and Slack. While we are planning to record most sessions, we encourage as many of you as possible to actively participate online – as that is where we get the most benefit as a community. 

If you’re new to the community or this event, you can see notes, slides and recordings from last year on the wiki here and I’ve included a brief recap (as requested from last year’s feedback!) below.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Looking forward to “seeing” you soon. ~Teresa Soleau (on behalf of the Rosetta Working Group Steering Committee)