Linked Open Data Working Group


The objective of the Linked Open Data Working Group is to achieve essential linked open data features in all Ex Libris products where appropriate, both from the data publishing, the data consuming and the data integration perspective.


  • Monitor and support the Ex Libris Linked Data Collaboration Program, encouraging both customers and Ex Libris representatives to actively participate and engage in discussions and information exchange
  • Promote the implementation of linked data features in Ex Libris key products and services: Alma, Intota, Primo, Summon, Rosetta, Primo Central/Summon Knowledge Base, Leganto, SFX, bX
  • Explore examples of useful added functionality in Ex Libris legacy products (Aleph, Voyager) that can be implemented using linked data in key products
  • Actively solicit linked open data use cases, ideas and examples from the community for sharing through multiple channels, such as conference presentations, online meetings, presentation and discussion sessions, email, forums, etc.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the IGeLU/ELUNA Product and Special Interest Working Groups in order to develop common strategies
  • Provide feedback on customers’ linked data related projects in Ex Libris products.
  • Monitor and report on external developments and projects related to linked data implementations in libraries.

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Xiaoli Li (University of California, Davis)Coordinator
Ebe Kartus (University of New England)Deputy Coordinator
K.T. Lam (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Laura Akerman (Emory University)
David Bucknum (Library of Congress)
Lihong Zhu (Washington State University)
Amanda Xu (National Agricultural Library)
Nancy Fallgren (National Library of Medicine)
Greta Heng (San Diego State University)
Catherine Grove (Northwestern University)Alma Liaison
Mark Kluzek (University of Westminster)Primo Liaison
Ken Varnum (University of Michigan)Summon Liaison
Maribel Alvirado (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)IGeLU Steering Committee Liaison
Hong Ma (Loyola University)ELUNA Steering Committee Liaison