Linked Open Data

Joint IGELU/ELUNA Working Group on Linked Open Data

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Objective of the Linked Open Data Working Group is to achieve essential linked open data features in all Ex Libris products where appropriate, both from the data publishing, the data consuming and the data integration perspective.

Read the background story, Manifesto for Linked Open Data in Ex Libris products, Key Goals, and latest News and Updates including the Dashboard for Linked Data Development.

Joint IGeLU/ELUNA Group

The LOD WG started as an IGeLU Group in 2011. On May 1, 2013, the group was transformed into a joint IGeLU/ELUNA Special Interest Working Group. The Steering Committees of both IGeLU and ELUNA approved the formation of the joint group. The ELUNA community confirmed the ELUNA participation at the ELUNA 2013 Annual Conference on May 1, 2013.


The LOD WG has come a long way since the beginning. Between 2013 and 2016, the group hosted 9 Webex sessions to present 11 distinct use case scenarios to Ex Libris and the customer base. These sessions have typically been viewed live by 30-40 attendees and provided inspiration for the Show & Tell sessions now being conducted jointly between the Analytics, Interoperability, and LOD WGs. Since 2015, the group also helped launch and offered presentations at the very successful Developers Day meetings following the IGeLU and preceding the ELUNA conferences.

Most significantly, in late 2015 and early 2016, Ex Libris published a Linked Data White Paper and launched a Linked Data Collaboration Program. This is a major landmark in the work of the SIWG, which has a long history of advising on linked data strategy and helping to inform the development of linked data features in Ex Libris products. The LOD WG (the “SI” will be dropped) continues to advise Ex Libris on new features, now appearing in Alma and Primo and has conducted a Linked Data Survey in Spring 2017 that provided updated input on customer needs and involvement with Linked Data. Our Show & Tell Playlist archives live streamed YouTube presentations we sponsored of use cases, linked data projects, and other information of interest.

Contribute, contact
We need your input. If you want to contribute ideas, examples, use cases, have any questions or want to get involved, contact us at lod {at} igelu(.)org, or better still, join the general LOD mailing list or LOD Slack channel for Ex Libris customers.