Primo/MetaLib PWG – the route forward

We begin by charting a course - by Dunechaser

You may recall that at the 2011 conference in Haifa the IGeLU MetaLib and Primo Product Working Groups agreed to merge, to form a new combined PWG. There was much discussion within IGeLU that led to this decision, but essentially it was felt that a common interest in the Primo Central Index, with the inclusion of much (though not all) MetaLib functionality available in MetaLib+ through the PCI user interface, justified the merger.

At the meeting in Zurich in March a suggested structure was agreed for the new merged PWG. This will be put to a combined business meeting of the two PWGs in Zurich in September as part of the process of formally approving the merger of the two Groups.

Products and needs will of course change over time, so this structure is proposed as a starting point, however balancing current needs and costs we agreed that the new PWG will consist of 6 or 7 members, with two predefined officers:

  • Coordinator: to represent the Group elsewhere (e.g. joint IGeLU / PWG coordinators’ meetings; meetings with Ex  Libris; &c)
  • Deputy Coordinator: also seen as a Coordinator-elect, and to represent the Group on the conference planning committee.

NERS enhancement activities were identified as a major activity of the Group, and it’s suggested that a subgroup of 4 or 5 members would coordinate enhancement work. We recommend that officers be nominated for product roles: Primo, MetaLib, PCI and MetaLib+ officers, who would also be members of the enhancements subgroup. A number of other roles were identified, including identification and take-up of issues; communications; and group continuity. These roles would be taken on by the whole Group or by any number of Group members as appropriate.

Needless to say IGeLU and its PWGs are always interested in hearing from you if you wish to participate in their work, so please feel free to contact any of us.

Jeremy Acland
On behalf of the MetaLib / Primo PWG