Primo SaaS Jerusalem meeting

Move to SaaS

During the meeting of the Steering Committee with Ex Libris management in Budapest in March one of the topics was the new Primo policy of Ex Libris with its strong emphasis on the SaaS environment and issues connected to the new policy from the point of view of the user community.

As a result of the discussions it became clear that there are various areas that need urgently to be addressed;

  • Communication issues about customers feeling forced to move to SaaS
  • The relationship of the various Primo environments (local, dedicated and multi tenant) and their further development options and limitation
  • The consequences of moving to SaaS for customers with large local developments.

It was agreed, that these questions should be discussed in a face to face meeting between members of the Primo PWG and Ex Libris development on one hand and the Steering committee and Primo management on the other. IGeLU informed the ELUNA colleagues and they picked up the discussion with Ex Libris at their annual meeting in May.


Subsequently we agreed, that the Primo PWGs will prepare a documentation for the face to face meeting with focus on necessary developments in the Primo SaaS environment in order to create adequate space for local customization and users development within the application framework. The document – 10 pages with 4 Appendices – was submitted to Ex Libris before the meeting and it was a great work done by the PWGs that very well documented the current situation and open issues and served perfectly as a base for the upcoming discussions.

Meeting in Jerusalem

The meeting took place at the headquarters of Ex Libris in Jerusalem from July 20th through July 23rd. The meeting was attended by representatives of Steering Committees and the Primo PWGs of IGeLU and ELUNA, including developers, and the Ex Libris VP for Discovery and Delivery Solutions and the heads of Primo product management and Primo development.

The 4 days discussions were very fruitful and touched all aspects of the new Ex Libris strategy. Ex Libris was very sensitive to the needs of the user community articulated in the document prepared by the PWGs  and during the meetings and was very open for a close cooperation to solve the open issues.


The first result of the meeting is a “Memorandum of Understanding” of the user groups and Ex Libris about the principles of the collaboration and the future development of the Primo SaaS environment. A close collaboration on identified areas was agreed on and will start right after the conference. You can read the  “Memorandum of Understanding” here (members only!)

Jirka Kende, IGeLU Chair