Primo PWG update

The Primo Product Working Group met for their annual face to face meeting at the British Library in London on 24th March. The agenda focussed mainly on the enhancement voting on NERS as the first round of this completed on 21st March.

Jiri Kende attended the meeting in the place of Pat Busby, the IGeLU Steering Group member responsible for Primo, who was not able to attend. The results of the voting were discussed within the group and with Jorgen Madsen, Primo Product Development Manager at Ex-Libris, on a teleconference. Also on the agenda was an update on the Haifa conference as Naomi Greidinger from the University of Haifa is a member of the PWG.

Jeremy Acland, Metalib Product Working Group Co-ordinator, also attended the meeting in the afternoon so that the group could discuss with him the possibility of merging the Primo and Metalib groups, how and when this might take place.

The meeting was very useful and included an interesting tour of the British Library taking in the historic Kings Library in the centre of the building which we all very much enjoyed.


Mandy Stewart, Primo PWG Coordinator