Primo PWG – An update

2018 enhancements cycle update

Submissions have recently closed for the 2018 enhancements cycle and are currently being reviewed by the enhancements team made up of members of the ELUNA and IGeLU Primo PWGs.    Voting will open on the 14th April and close on 29th April.  Full details of the timeline for the enhancement process are available at


Primo VE collaboration with Ex Libris

The collaboration between Ex Libris and members of both the ELUNA and IGeLU Primo PWGs on further PrimoVE development began recently with a teleconference to discuss the implementation of normalization rule functionality in Primo VE.  Discussions are ongoing and we’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this important work.


Primo Central outage 02/02/18

Both PWGs have been in discussion with Ex Libris about the extended Primo Central outage in early February this year.   Downtime communications strategy and the usefulness of the Ex Libris System Status page are being reviewed and a number of improvements to system robustness are expected in the coming months.  Customers interested in further details of this specific outage should consult the Root Cause Analysis document.

Andy MacKinnon
Coordinator, Primo PWG