Primo NERS: Extended to April 15

Due to the health safety challenges and strains faced by many institutions worldwide currently, the Primo working groups of ELUNA and IGeLU have decided to extend this year’s NERS voting period through April 15.

The voting takes place at This year’s ballot has 100 requests to choose from.

Each organisation has 100 voting points which can be distributed as you wish between the enhancements.

Each member organisation can designate someone to vote using NERS and will need to use their IGeLU or ELUNA organisation ID and password.

The list of organisation IDs and the main contact person for your organisation is here for ELUNA: and here for IGeLU: If you experience any difficulties logging in to NERS to register your votes, please contact

Thank you to everyone who submitted enhancement requests for this round. The ELUNA and IGeLU Primo Working Groups gathered the enhancements and prepared them for voting.

You may notice that a request that you saw or submitted does not appear on the ballot. We have tried our best to merge similar requests, and to omit those requests where the functionality is already being developed or is on the Ex Libris Roadmap. Requesters have been notified when this has been the case.

Unless the deployment model is included due to existing functionality, submissions are for parity development in both Primo and Primo VE.

Thank you to the Primo WGs’ joint Enhancements Team for coordinating and preparing this ballot.

If you have any questions, please contact the Enhancement Coordinators: Bettina Kaldenberg (IGeLU)  or Geri Rinna (ELUNA)

Please be aware that voting will close promptly at 12:00am GMT on April 15.

Finally, please find the full schedule for our 2020 process:

When What
January 10, 2020 Final day to submit new enhancement requests in NERS
Jan 10 – Feb 29 The Primo Enhancements Team reviews, dedupes, scopes, verifies, transfers to Alma NERS when necessary, and sets up the vote
March 1 – March 21
Extended through April 15
First round of voting
All dates below will change due to voting extension
March 22 – March 31 The Enhancements Team reviews the results, and prepares them for ExLibris to assign complexity points.
April 1 – May 16 ExLibris adds complexity points to the top voted results. The Enhancements Team determines if a second round of voting is needed
May 17 – May 29 If necessary, a second round of voting takes place at this time
And then? The NERS agreement states that ExLibris will develop the accepted enhancements within one year, customarily from September

Best regards,

Corinna Baksik (Chair, ELUNA Primo WG)

Knut Anton Bøckman (Coordinator, IGeLU Primo WG)