Primo & MetaLib PWG Update

Primo's: Always Fresh

Primo enhancements
Two rounds of voting on the Primo enhancements were held in April and May, and were managed jointly by the IGeLU and ELUNA PWGs. Members of both groups again put in a lot of work to clarify and de-dup the list of enhancements before the voting began. Following the first round of voting the results were reviewed by Ido Peled, Ex Libris Primo Product Manager, who provided comments on the complexity of the top enhancements on the list, in order that Primo customers could take this into account in the second round. The final list has been sent to Ido and the top items are expected to be included in Primo version 4.1, due for release at the end of this year.

MetaLib CKB voting
The 4th voting snapshot of MetaLib CKB resource addition requests entered into NERS was carried out in May, with a 5th snapshot due during August. The addition of local and regional resource requests to the CKB underlines the importance of NERS especially in this role; and you are once again urged to review your NERS requests, add any you think are missing, and vote for your favourites. The signs are that Ex Libris are also using NERS voting results to influence priorities for adding content to Primo Central. A round of NERS functionality voting on Primo Central during 2012/13 has started to be considered.

Finally, many of you will know Gary Johnson, who was a founder member of the IGeLU PWG and has provided invaluable help to the group in the planning of conferences and management of the enhancement process. He has now retired from libraries and we would all like to send him our thanks and best wishes for the future. Thank you Gary!

Jeremy Acland and Mandy Stewart, Coordinators Primo & MetaLib PWG