Pivotal moment for Primo

Since the IGeLU Conference in Ghent, the focus of the Primo PWG has been on getting the Primo enhancements data from Pivotal so that the group can work with the ELUNA Primo PWG to clarify and de-duplicate the list.

Once this work is completed the reduced list can then be loaded into NERS so that the next round of Primo enhancement voting can take place. For IGeLU Christian Haenger, Naomi Greidinger and Ole Holm are working on the list, keeping the other members of the group up to date. Jorgen Madsen has been very helpful in providing assessments of the enhancements to identify those that are already in the Ex-Libris Road Map; may not be viable; or have been superseded by the release of Version 3 of Primo. It is hoped that all this work will be completed to enable voting to take place in the Spring of 2011 so that the results can feed into the release of Primo which will follow version 3.1.

Mandy Stewart, Primo PWG Coordinator