Enhancement planning: Primo and Digitool on the horizon

Planning for an enhancement cycle for both Primo and Digitool are now in progress:


The Primo PWG Enhancement group (Naomi Greidinger, Christian Haenger and Ole Holm) have been working on the de-duping and clarification of a long list of enhancements for Primo which have been extracted from the Pivotal system by Jorgen Madsen, Primo Product Manager for Ex-Libris.

The group have been working with their ELUNA counterparts and have now produced a spreadsheet to be loaded on to the NERS enhancements database. Once this has taken place voting on the enhancements will be organised. Two rounds of voting are planned, one in March and one in May so that feedback from Ex-Libris on the complexity of the enhancements can be provided between the votes. The Product Working Group will meet at the British Library in London on 24th March to discuss progress on the enhancement process.

Mandy Stewart, Primo PWG


In last year’s joint IGeLU and ELUNA enhancement process for DigiTool, 78 requests had been created and voted on by the user community. After close technical review, Ex Libris has assigned a timeline to 65 of them with respect to their voting results and demand for resources – detailed information has been posted to the DigiTool mailing list. As the next minor release of DigiTool is scheduled for this year, this is a good opportunity to launch a new enhancement process within a short time so that DigiTool can benefit from your input. All DigiTool customers who are member of either IGeLU or ELUNA are entitled to participate in this process. Watch the website or the Digitool mailing list for more information.

Luís Miguel Costa, Digitool PWG