Primo 2021 enhancements timeline

It is time for our members to get all your requests in for the 2021 Primo enhancements round.

See Primo enhancements for a log of all the great Primo product development outcomes achieved in recent years, as a result of this collaborative enhancement process between Ex Libris Primo Product Management and our active member community.

Update 12.3.2021: The following dates have been adjusted for Round 1 voting onwards, for 3 weeks instead of 2. This allows time for Easter observance and re-aligns with a similar change to the Alma 2021 timeline.

The schedule for this year’s process:

February 13, 2021Last chance to submit new enhancement requests for this year’s voting in NERS
February 14 – March 27The Primo Enhancements Team reviews, dedupes, scopes, verifies, transfers to Alma NERS when necessary, and sets up the vote
March 28 – April 17First round of voting
April 18 – April 22The Enhancements Team reviews the results, and prepares them for Ex Libris to assign complexity points.
April 23 – June 19Ex Libris adds complexity points to the top voted results. The Enhancements Team determines if a second round of voting is needed
June 20 – July 3If necessary, a second round of voting takes place
And then?The Product Development Collaboration Agreement states that Ex Libris will develop the accepted enhancements within one year, customarily from September