News in Brief – November 2017

Dear Readers,

As 2017 draws to a close, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the year past and the various happenings in the IGELU Community. This year was marked by examples that demonstrated the value gained by close collaboration between the user community and ExLibris. The Alma UX project, the authentication focus group, enhancements of various ExLibris products carried out through NERS voting cycles are just some of the noteworthy examples. In addition, there is always a lot of work behind the scenes by the various product working groups (PWG) and special interest working groups (SIWG), to ensure that the work they do, reflects the concerns and issues that are of real importance to the user community.

The IGELU Programme planning committee that brought you a successful 12th Annual IGeLU conference, has already commenced planning for the next, and the first agenda that is being looked at is the feedback gathered from the St. Petersburg conference, to explore ways in which the conference can add more value to its participants.

All this work seems to happen so seamlessly, with IGeLU running like a well-oiled machine that we tend to forget the people behind this. This effort is made possible due to the generous and tireless work of volunteers, people who come with a variety of knowledge and experience from the Library world. They have been and will continue to be the strong foundation of this successful community.

On that note, it is with a heavy heart that we mourn the loss of Christine Moulen, an amazing person and invaluable contributor to the community. She was a great source of inspiration to those who knew her and we are thankful to her for her tireless contribution to this community. We will miss her.

This News-in-Brief, as usual, highlights some of the happenings in the IGeLU world, over the last few months. We hope this will be of interest to you. Based on the feedback received during the St. Petersburg conference, the Steering committee is also reviewing their outreach activities with a view towards increasing awareness and fostering closer relationships within the community, in the coming year. Watch this space for new initiatives soon!

Table of Contents

  1. Looking back @ IGELU 2017
  2. IGeLU 2017 Delegates Feedback
  3. Introducing the next conference location – Prague 2018
  4. Introducing newly elected SC Members
  1. More Content? Better Content? – Updates from the Content Working Group
  2. Primo/Metalib product updates
  3. Voyager product updates
  4. Leganto @ Curtin University
  5. We need your inputs for future conference locations

Before I sign-off for the year, here’s wishing everyone a healthy and happy year ahead!!

Warm Regards,
Shameem Nilofar
IGeLU WebMaster, Steering Committee