News in Brief – December 2016

Dear Readers,

2016 marked the 11th Annual Conference of the International Group of Ex Libris Users and was, as usual, packed with informative sessions that aimed to address the interests of the wide group of ExLibris users. This year , new tracks were introduced for Summon, 360 products, Leganto and CampusM, in addition to the regular tracks on Alma, Aleph, Voyager, Primo, SFX and Rosetta. The archive of presentations is available to all members on the website.

This News-in-Brief, tries to capture the major happenings at the 2016 conference as well as other interesting developments over the last few months. In recent months, there have been a number of developments in the Alma world, and Betsy Friesen (Coordinator), provides a concise write-up on the Alma UX project as well as the newly created focus group for Alma authentication. Groups such as LOD and Analytics have also gone through leadership changes and you can read more about them in the posts below.

Table of Contents –

  1. Report of the Conference from the Chair
  2. Introducing the next conference Venue 
  3. Notes from the Product Working Groups & Special Interest Working Groups
    1. Alma
    2. Primo
    3. Leganto
    4. KBAB
    5. Linked Open Data
    6. Analytics
  4. Customer Knowledge Centre
  5. Primo New UI Hackathon/Virtual Conference