News in Brief – March 2018

Dear Readers,

This edition of the News in Brief is filled with the latest happenings in the IGeLU community. Preparations are already underway for IGeLU 2018 in Prague, and the Steering Committee met with the local organizers during the spring meeting to ensure that this conference brings together the best in venue, facilities and content.  Tracey Clarke, the conference chair provides a quick update on the proceedings so far. In the following posts , we also bring you the latest updates from the Product and Special Interest Working groups.  Say Hello!! to the newest member of the IGeLU community, the Rosetta PWG and  get to know how the group is organizing itself to address the needs of their users.

In addition to the work done by the SC, PWG and SIWG’s, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to enable the infrastructure that supports a thriving user community. One such effort is the new administrative web interface, which makes it easier for members to check membership status and payment information. Read on to find out more from Duccio, the architect behind this new deployment.

Hope you find this edition informative and happy reading !!


Table of Contents –

  1. IGeLU 2018 @ Prague – An update from the Conference Chair
  2. Addressing 2017 feedback from the community – An update from the IGeLU Chair
  3. 360 link and PCI Outages – A report
  4. A new web interface for IGeLU membership administration
  5. Annual Q & A at St. Petersburg – Transcript is now available
  6. Developers Day 2018 – An invitation to participate
  7. Updates from the PWG/SIWG

Shameem Nilofar
IGeLU Steering Committee