News-in-Brief August 2020

Dear Colleague,

The Covid-19 virus has completely turned our world upside down and even though many of us have worked diligently and productively for the last five months, this pandemic does not seem to go away. As a result, we are navigating a new era of digital events during this tough time. It is my hope to offer a semblance of normalcy with our next installment of the News-in-Brief newsletter, full of news from various Work Groups, an update from our IGeLU chair, and an invitation to help us shape our IGeLU website.

IGeLU Chair’s Update – August 2020

IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference Update

IGeLU website – your feedback is desired

GDPR Update


IGeLU Presentation Guidelines

Analytics WG Update

Leganto WG Update

Linked Open Data Update

Primo WG Update

Rosetta WG Update

As always, I hope you enjoy this newsletter and do feel free to reach out to make a suggestion for an article in a future newsletter.

Best wishes to you, and stay safe during this time of uncertainty.

Cindy Greenspun,
IGeLU SC, Communication Officer