News from the Voyager PWG


The Voyager PWG’s of both ELUNA and IGeLU have been merged, since the customers of Voyager are almost totally US based and the few remaining Australian and European customers are implementing new products like Alma or considering to leave Voyager for other products.
The Finish National Library Network Services is still offering Voyager to libraries in Finland and Nicholas Volk from Finland will be representing IGeLU in the ELUNA PWG.


The IGeLU and ELUNA Voyager Product Working Group is pleased to announce the initial cycle of the enhancement election for Voyager 10 is now open!
You may vote in the New Enhancement Request System NERS. Your primary contact should have received a message containing the NERS authentication credentials.
If your institution or consortium needs to verify that it has received the account and password for NERS, the official contact or designee should contact
This initial cycle of enhancement voting will be open until Friday, May 15, 2015.

Nicholas Volk, ELUNA/IGeLU Voayger PWG IGeLU representative