News from the Voyager Product Working Group

Ballot on enhancements

The recent months since Berlin 2013 have seen the enhancements voted on for Voyager 9.1 (due late 2014).
The top 12 have now been converted (via a number of webexes between ELUNA & IGeLU PWG members and Mike Dicus, Voyager Product Manager) into detailed statements which Voyager Development can work with. Development has already started to work on some of the work necessary- some were quite involved and development staff were consulted on some of the proposals as part of the conversion from wish-list to enhancement coding statements.

Additional enhancements in 9.1

As the 9.1 release is not a major one we could not have as many enhancements added as we did for Voyager 9 (due Q1 2014), but hopefully the ones accepted, plus additional functionality that will come due to standard development work as part of Ex Libris continuing to develop the product generally will meet with user satisfaction.
(Ex Libris is working on projects to enhance integration with Primo and plans to enhance the authority management functionality in Voyager. If time permits, a few small projects will also be added to the 9.1 release to further enhance the GDC module.)

The product working group is looking for new members

If you have some time to spare and an interest in working with us and with our colleagues in the ELUNA PWG please contact me at and we can chat about what is involved.
The group has been a little inactive recently but in 2014 I hope we will be more active as we work increasingly closely with ELUNA.
It remains important however to make sure the needs of users outside North America continue to be heard.

Ray Delahunty, IGeLU Voyager PWG coordinator