News from the Voyager Product Working Group

VoyagerThe months since the conference in Zurich have been a quiet time for the PWG, but things will get busy again in the new year with planning for the next round of voting for enhancements.  The IGeLU PWG is working much more closely with the ELUNA group, with (so far) the coordinator from IgeLU joining the ELUNA conference calls.
Voyager 8.2 was released on schedule in November. Major new features include a new patron loader, and indexes to support RDA.Support for OCLC number expansion has been included and that support will be extended back to 7.2.5.  A service pack 8.2.1 is due near the end of Q1, 2012.

Coding for Voyager 9 is underway, with PWG enhancements agreed for inclusion partly completed. Focus for 9 includes improvements to workflows & standards compliance (including SIP2, MARC 21) and better system monitoring and administration (via the UTIL menu).  Other activities Voyager PWG members from both ELUNA and IGeLU have been involved in includes;
+ ODBC (proving to be quite an issue on Voyager-L!)
+ Publishing Analyzer resources
+ Reviewing desired functionality in the new CRM
+ Reviewing customer produced enhancements for possible inclusion in core Voyager functionality.

Ray Delahunty, Voyager IGeLU PWG coordinator