News from the SFX PWG

2014 Software enhancement voting results

The 2014 SFX software enhancement cycle was completed early December and the results of the voting have been sent to Ex Libris for evaluation.
According SFX Product Manager, Ex Libris is currently planning to do the first five enhancements:

  • KB Manager: Ability to add author information to e-books records in global KB [NERS #2844]
  • SFX menu: broken link report – option to provide feedback to client [NERS #3228]
  • Export Tool: ability to configure fields for inclusion in SFX exports [NERS #2187]
  • Reporting: list and clean local changes that have the same value as the global setting [NERS #3125]
  • KB Manager: Warning when deactivating final active portfolio in target service [NERS #3103]
    To see the complete voting results, go to the SFX section on the ELCommons Wiki.

According to the current SFX release schedule supplied by Ex Libris, these enhancement will become available in version 4.8 (June 2015) or 4.8.1 (September 2015)

SFX KB enhancement process

The continuous KB resources voting process has already completed 22 cycles this far. To see the full results of all of the SFX KB NERS voting cycles including regional votes, go to the ELCommons Wiki.

Future of the PWG

We are currently discussing the future of the SFX PWG with the Steering Committees of IGeLU and ELUNA. Looking at the growing cooperation between the two PWG’s, a possible merger is under consideration.

SFX KB Advisory Board

On the topic of Knowledge Bases discussions have started on cooperation between the PWG’s of several products, including Alma, Primo and of course SFX.
Please read also the report of the IGeLU Steering Committee meeting with Ex Libris Senior Management in Budapest, March 2015 here in this issue

Bas Vat, SFX PWG coordinator