News from the SFX Product Working Group

The SFX Product Working Group met in Munich in spring 2013 to plan and discuss new projects within the PWG and changes in Ex Libris staff.
With Yisrael Kuchar continuing towards new challenges within Ex Libris, we would like to thank him for his work for SFX and welcome Christine Stohn back in charge of the product.
Moreover, we are extremely proud to introduce our new SFX Knowledge Base Advisory Board. The KBAB members will be officially announced at the IGeLU 2013 conference, session 8.2!

We are very sorry to announce that our long-term member Inga Overkamp will be leaving the PWG after the IGeLU 2013 conference. We would like to thank her for her dedicated work for the group and the whole IGeLU community.

The progress continues with the KB resources voting process with Holly Thomason taking over responsibilities formerly done by Inga.
To see the full results of all of the SFX KB NERS voting cycles including regional votes, go to the EL Commons WIKI

We are continuing to look for ways that we can best assist the SFX community.

If you have thoughts, ideas, or concerns, please contact Bas Vat, the SFX PWG coordinator at

Anna Pienimäki, SFX PWG member