News from the Rosetta User Group

The Rosetta User Group (RUG) was initiated on July 18, 2012, in Hanover, Germany.
A significant part of the current Rosetta customers met to decide on how to organize their cooperation at present, taking into account that Rosetta is still a new product specifically designed to support organisations that have a mandate to ensure the long-term safety and understanding of their digital collections.
Given the youthful nature of this project it is extremely important to ensure input from the whole community of Rosetta users in an effort to ensure that development stays as close as possible to best practice as it continues to emerge in the digital preservation field.

So the RUG membership will be open to any institution that has a signed contract for Rosetta. Probably there will be a point in time when it will be felt useful to have an IGeLU PWG for Rosetta (possibly as a joint IGeLU and ELUNA working group), but at present it was thought beneficial not to demand IGeLU membership for engaging in the RUG.

The role of the RUG includes:

  • providing advice and guidance to Ex Libris on the direction and activities relating to Rosetta
  • to serve as a forum for information sharing, discussion and collaborative analysis and assessment of the development of Rosetta
  • to ensure that Rosetta development continues to meet the needs of the Rosetta user community and potential new customers.

The current office holders elected at the Hanover meeting are:

  • Chair: Steve Knight – National Library of New Zealand
  • Vice-Chair: Dennis Phillips – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • IGeLU Liaison: Matthias Groß – Bavarian State Library
  • ELUNA Liaison: Edward Corrado – Binghamton University

So any IGeLU members interested to join are welcome to contact me.

Matthias Groß, RUG IGeLU Liaison (