News from the LOD SIWG

New members on the Working Body

Following an engaging IGeLU 2014, the Linked Open Data LOSSpecial Interest Working Group filled two vacancies on our Working Body, and are looking forward to collaborating with the two newest members of the group:

* Dr. Arif Shaon, Lead Technical Officer, Library Repository Services, University of New South Wales Library
* David Bucknum, Senior Developer, ILS Program Office, Library of Congress

Schedule for next events

We have our fourth and final use case presentation of 2014 on December 16, at 8am Eastern, where we’ll hear from Arif about Publishing UNSW research output as Linked Open Data via Primo. We are in the process of planning a variety of interesting use case sessions for 2015, and are targeting 6-8 sessions in the coming year. Lastly, we are starting to plan linked data programming for the ELUNA and IGeLU 2015 Annual Meetings.

Stay in touch!

To stay apprised of our activities, please join our listserv and visit our Wiki page on the EL Commons.
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Corey Harper, New York University Library