News from the Interoperability SIWG

Collaborative working with Linked Open Data SIWG

The Interoperability and LOD SIWGs have had their first joint discussion call to discuss how the two groups can work closely. More and more of the use cases covered in the LOD SIWG also refer to API level interoperability in addition to the data level interoperability, and the two groups feel that a much stronger working relationship will be very productive for the community. We are now scheduling quarterly joint calls and are pursuing shared planning of activities starting with Developers Day at IGeLU 2015. Consider staying for an extra day and joining us on Saturday, September 5.

Looking at the new developments

Thanks to the IGeLU and ELUNA Primo PWGs, the interoperability SIWG had a discussion with Ex Libris on the new Primo UI and how it will be developed, including the interoperability issues and developers needs. We hope to continue these discussions and to guide Ex Libris so that the developer needs are being met from an early stage. In addition, we are also keeping a close eye on Leganto, the new reading list system and what interoperability features it brings with itself.


If you work with Primo, please do have a look at jQuery.PRIMO, a client side convenience library that Mehmet Celik has produced. We feel that it is a really powerful Primo library and we will be working with Ex Libris to get some of this functionality embedded in Primo in the future.

Issue reporting

We have been listening to you and the issues you face in terms of interoperability, both at product and data level, and have been raising them with Ex Libris. Ex Libris has been really responsive and has provided immediate and effective response to these issues. If you continue to face issues in relation to interoperability, we would like to know. Please get in touch using details available at our Interoperability pages on this site

Best wishes,
Masud Khokhar, Coordinator Interoperability SIWG