News from the Aleph PWG

IGeLU Aleph voting cycle 2014

The 2014 Aleph Enhancements voting cycle was finished in January, 2015. In this voting cycle we promote the following 5 enhancements to be included in the next Aleph versions.

  • Automatic reset of lost/forgotten account passwords within Aleph/Primo: [NERS #3416]
  • When using F3 or Ctrl+F3 the subfield order in the Cat editor should match the retrieved heading [NERS #2705]
  • Longer email field in Z304 [NERS #3417]
  • Increase GUI frame sizes [NERS #3421]
  • Expand character limit for invoice notes field [NERS #3425 ]

Additional information about all enhancements is available on NERS.
Three of these enhancements require database changes and they will be included in next major release v.23.0, all other enhancements will be included in next minor releases.

IGeLU and ELUNA Aleph voting cycle 2015

During the last IGeLU conference we agreed to merge the IGeLU and ELUNA Aleph voting cycles.
Both Aleph PWG’s – IGeLU and ELUNA –  already started to work on 2015 voting cycle which will be launched soon and we expect to use NERS as usual.
All information on the voting cycle will be announced via the Aleph Global list and also on the IGeLU website.

Augusto Ribeiro, Aleph PWG coordinator