Linked Open Data Working Group Updates

The Linked Open Data Working Group sponsored a very interesting Show & Tell on August 29, 2018, “Making Linked Data: Catalogers’ Views from the Front Edge.” Two leaders in technical services shared their insights about cataloging/creating metadata natively as linked data, through their experience with linked data projects. 

  • Xiaoli Li (University of California Davis), “Making Linked Data:  Experience with OCLC’s Project Passage “ Powerpoint slides
  • Nancy Lorimer (Stanford),  “Linked Data for Production:  Cataloger Dreams, Cataloger Experiences”  Powerpoint slides

The recording of the event is available on YouTube: Stay tuned for more Show & Tell sessions after ELUNA.

The Working Group continues to update our Dashboard for Linked Data Development in Ex Libris Products, released and announced for the future, which coordinates information about features in Alma and Primo (and anticipated, Summon), plus additional information and plugin documentation found on the Developers Network.  The Group had several discussions with Ex Libris staff regarding the new Primo feature, “Making Library Catalog Visible on the Web” as well as the support needed for both RDA and BIBFRAME.   

The Working Group has been very busy with developing methods which can be used to collect use cases and user stories related to a service or functionality that cannot be done without using linked data or where linked data provides additional and/or much better capabilities. The Group has created detailed instructions:, which include a link to a simple form for any Ex Libris user to submit their stories. The stories will be shared publicly and analysed to identify common threads, and will be presented to Ex Libris with a view of providing direction and stimulating further developments based on real needs. The group will also sponsor a session at this year’s ELUNA meeting, with “lightning talks” about selected user stories,  and may plan more events to encourage customers to imagine and sketch in a future for library services with linked data.

We are interested in hearing from Ex Libris customers about their projects and plans for use of linked data. If you have something to share, please contact Coordinators Laura Akerman, or Xiaoli Li, We can also add you to the BaseCamp we provide for information sharing with Ex Libris on developing features, if you are interested in testing or providing technical feedback. And join our mailing list, where we provide announcements and news from the Working Group and in the larger library linked data community.

Laura Akerman
Linked Open Data Working Group Co-Coordinator

Xiaoli Li
Linked Open Data Working Group Co-Coordinator