Linked Open Data WG Update

The Linked Open Data Working Group has been involved in the work examining ELUNA/IGeLU working group structure and governance. We responded to the “SIWG (Special Interest Working Groups) Governance – Final” proposal document created by ELLUNA/IGeLU steering committees. Xiaoli Li, the Coordinator, joined the IGeLU/ELUNA Working Group Governance Task Group.

The group is currently reviewing, testing, and analyzing the BIBFRAME 2.0 to MARC converter, released by the Library of Congress in May, 2020. This tool will have implications for Alma.

The group has just completed its action plans for 2020/2021 and identified the following four major activities for the coming year:

  1. Continue supporting development of linked data features in Ex Libris Products
  2. Form a strong supportive relationship with the Alma Working Group
  3. Determine roles for the working group and recruit new members once the new working Group structure and governance is in place
  4. Increase community’s engagement by offering quarterly Town Hall meetings which will open to any Ex Libris user who is interested in linked data

There are a few changes to the group’s membership. Our devoted Co-coordinator, Laura Akerman, stepped down, but fortunately to the group, Laura remains as a member. In addition, we lost three valued members, Euwe Ermita, Alexandra De Pretto, and Adrian Pohl. We will look for new members once the new working group structure and governance has been put in place by ELUNA/IGeLU steering committees.

Those interested in the activities of the Linked Open Data Working Group are encouraged to join the mailing list at

submitted by: Xiaoli Li