Linked Open Data and Interoperability Special Interest Working Group news

Developer Day

Collaboration between the Interoperability and Linked Open Data SIWGs has continued since our last Newsletter, with more quarterly call as well as increased effort gone into planning the Developers Day post-conference after IGeLU on Saturday, September 5. Our hopes of a modest 50 attendee-meeting have been far exceeded, with over 85 registrants for the event as of August 14. We are excited to share in this day of developer focused presentations, lightning talks, and discussions of building useful tools around the edges of Ex Libris products.

Additionally, the Developers Day events will be previewed during the regular conference agenda on Wednesday, September 2, from 16:30-17:00, and the two SIWGs will hold a Joint Working Group Meeting from 11:00-12:30 on Thursday, September 3.

Use Case

In July, the LOD Group hosted a use-case Webinar by Bernardo Gomez, from Emory University, on the topic “Exposing Aleph Bibliographic and Authority Records as RDF/XML and providing auto-discovery in Primo.” This fascinating project prompted discussion on how to publish authorities to Primo in general, and how this would work in Alma and SaaS environments. Asaf Kline from Ex Libris offered some interesting insights into how similar functionality might work using Alma’s Authority and LOD APIs.

SaaS and local development

In the coming months the Interoperability and LOD SIWGs will also be partnering with the Primo and Alma PWGs to explore some the opportunities and challenges around software development, interoperability, and analytics in Ex Libris’ SaaS environments. See also the report on the Jerusalem Primo SaaS meeting in this News in Brief here.

Stay tuned, and as always, contact us if you have ideas for Use Case presentations. If you’d like to become involved, send us an email (Corey Harper  or join our list at

Corey Harper, LOD SIWG Coordinator