Leganto Working Group Updates

NERS enhancements process:
It’s not quite Eurovision, but nearly as exciting… 2019 NERS voting has now closed. 
There were 75 requests in the ballot. Six requests did not receive any votes.
46 customers voted spread over the following territories:

  • Europe:  4
  • North America: 17
  • UK: 12
  • Asia- Pacific: 13

There were some excellent ideas for development. However, only the top three enhancements are guaranteed to be delivered. Complexity points have been allocated by Ex Libris and results will be announced shortly.

Update: Leganto Librarian Analytics Dashboard Focus Group
Chris Jones, University of Sheffield

Based on the User Stories submitted by a range of customers from November last year onwards, the Librarian Analytics Dashboard Focus Group has been working with Gal Darom to gather and review customer reporting requirements; prepare sample reports and, importantly, to discuss the challenges of producing effective general-purpose reports for the wider community. 

The Librarian Analytics Dashboard Focus Group members are:

  1. Lorraine Ackroyd, University of Western Australia – IGeLU
  2. Andrew Butterworth, Imperial College London – IGeLU  
  3. Scott Carlisle, Northeastern University – ELUNA  
  4. Jessie Donaghey, Bond University – IGeLU  
  5. Alex Forrest, University of Edinburgh – IGeLU
  6. Chris Jones (Chair), University of Sheffield – IGeLU
  7. Becky Smith, Memorial University – ELUNA

Working collaboratively in Basecamp, the group has reviewed existing reporting in Analytics, both in community shared folders and based on institutional activity to date. The Focus Group’s work builds on the evidence documents being gathered by the Analytics Working Group (members of which are in the Focus Group). In addition, a number of queries have been raised with Ex Libris Senior Librarian and Analytics lead Yoel Kortick. 

Librarian Analytics Dashboard –  request for feedback

This first Leganto customer Focus Group is now reaching the end of its work (Quarter 1 2019). The finalised reports are being collated into an initial dashboard – which will be shared with the wider community later this month, and Focus Group members will be sharing details and inviting critical (but constructive!) feedback at ELUNA, EPUG-UKI and additional customer events. Leganto Product Manager Gal Darom will also be addressing the Leganto reporting, and the Focus Group’s Dashboard at IGeLU later in the year.

An important part of the group’s work, and the feedback which, we hope, will follow the release of the Focus Group’s dashboard, is to recognise current best practice, but also to address limitations, including gaps in required reporting and areas where current community knowledge or understanding is weaker, and there is variation in practice.

Please be ready test, copy and improve the initial Dashboard. Your feedback will enable IGeLU and ELUNA Product Working Groups to review and improve provision in future. 

M25 Consortium reading list event: Reading Lists systems: challenge or opportunity?

The M25 Consortium organised a reading list event, ‘Reading Lists systems: challenge or opportunity?’ which was held on 3rd April in London.  There were four speakers representing the University of York, University Essex, University of Sussex and the London School of Economics.

Although York were the only Leganto customers speaking at the event, regardless of the system, many of the same issues and challenges were raised and some interesting approaches and workarounds discussed.

The importance of senior management buy in and academic engagement to support adoption of reading lists was a common theme. Using NSS (National Student Survey) results was presented as a strategy to align with institutional priorities and to drive adoption of reading lists and improve the student experience.

EPUG-UKI AGM 29th-30th April

The Ex Libris Products User Group, UK and Ireland (EPUG-UKI ) AGM will take place at the University of Edinburgh on 29th-30th April. The afternoon of Day two will focus on Leganto and include an overview of the Leganto Campus Engagement Programme. 

More information is available on the EPUG-UKI website.

Update: IGeLU 2019 at SMU, Singapore

The theme of IGeLU 2019 is “Driving Change, Creating Value… Together” Already it’s looking like Leganto will be well represented in Singapore at IGeLU 2019.

Linda Sheedy from Curtin University, Australia won sponsorship from ANZREG (Australian and New Zealand Regional Ex Libris User Group) to attend and present at IGeLU 2019 on the topic of Predicting Student Success with Leganto: a “Proof of Concept” machine learning project.

There is still time to submit your proposal  Deadline for submissions is 1st July 2019.

A reminder that the early bird rate has been extended until 1st May 2019. For more information, please refer to the conference website: https://www.igelu2019.sg