Leganto Working Group Update:

Reflections on IGeLU 2019 – All things Leganto
Leganto Product Working Group members, Angela Laurins (University of Edinburgh, UK), Paolo Buoso (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy), Linda Sheedy (Curtin University, Australia) and Leganto Product Working Group Coordinator, Sue Harmer (University of New South Wales, Australia) were delighted to be able to attend this year’s IGeLU conference in Singapore.

Prior to the Conference, Knowledge Day was held at the SMU Li Ka Shing Library where Nir Sherwinter from Ex Libris (Melbourne Australia) provided interactive sessions on “Leganto-Alma Copyright Management” and the “Leganto-Librarian Analytics Dashboard” for interested attendees.

While at Development Day, held at the National Library, Stephen Robinson from Lancaster University presented on “Exploring Intelligent User Suggestions” looking at the potential to make suggestions of reading materials for users using, among other things, Leganto APIs.

The conference was full of Leganto activity. Presenters from around the global explored Leganto – covering issues from implementation, through to future development.
With thanks to:
Kendall Kousek, Macquarie University Australia on her presentation “Moving the Goalposts: aligning project milestones to development schedules.

Julie Wright, from the University of Adelaide, Australia presented “Go hard or go home: rolling out Leganto at the Univerisity of Adelaide.

Stephen Robinson, Lancaster University, UK – “Thinking outside the box: creating innovative services on Ex Libris”.

Kirstie Nicolson, University of Western Australia, Australia presented on “DIY for Academics: a ‘how-to’ guide for achieving self-management using Leganto.

Jessie Donahey, Bond University, Australia presented on the “Leganto Librarian Analytics Dashboard”

Linda Sheedy, Curtin University, Australia presented on “Predicting Student Success with Leganto: a “Proof of concept” machine learning project.”

Carmel O’Sullivan, University of Southern Queensland, Australia presented on “Adding value for Faculty and Students”.

Paolo Buoso, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy presented on “Managing libraries from different organisations in one single Alma institution.

These presentations are now available on the IGeLU website.

Staff from Ex Libris, also, supported the Leganto stream at conference. With thanks to Tamar Sadeh, Ex Libris, who, contributed by presenting “Teaching and Learning Solutions, Update and Roadmap – Leganto”, and hosted a Leganto Product Update including a discussion of the Leganto Roadmap with interested Leganto customers. A Leganto Demonstration was presented by Bettina Schmid and a Leganto-Alma Integration Product Demonstration by Nir Sherwinter was also given.

A Leganto Working Group Business meeting was also held and attracted a lot of interest from Leganto customers and was hosted by the Leganto Product Working Group chair, Sue Harmer.

We would like to thank our host from Singapore Management University for a wonderful event.

Contributor, Linda Sheedy