Leganto Customer Profile – Washington State University

This profile was developed in a conversation with Alex Merrill, the Access Services and Systems/Operations Manager at Washington State University, located in Pullman Washington.

Q: When are you planning to implement? 

A: We went live with a pilot this past January.  We are planning on switching all campuses over to Leganto by Fall 2017.

Q: What is the major benefit you hope to see as a result of your institutions use of Leganto?

A: With SIPX integrated in Leganto we are hoping to see a reduction in Copyright costs for courses.  We are also looking forward to having one workflow for all of our course reserves (both Physical and Electronic)

Q: What do you see as the major challenge you’ll encounter in getting your community of users to utilize Leganto?

A: The largest challenge to fully utilize Leganto will be changing the way that Instructors and Library staff mediate access to reserves.

Q: How will you measure success?  

A:  One measure will be cost savings by leveraging SIPX.   By fully integrating our E-reserves into our LMS we also hope to reduce staff interaction time.

Q: How can the user group best be of help to you?

A:  Sharing case studies/success stories and technology strategies for integrations and API use?

Q: How do you see Leganto contributing to the positioning of your library within your University?

A:  Leganto may help us to move into more a role with OERs and helping to lower the overall burden to students for textbook and other resource fees.

Carl Grant
Associate Dean, Knowledge Services & Chief Technology Officer
University of Oklahoma Libraries