Interoperability SIWG Revised Key Goals

When the Interoperability SIWG started their work in 2013, a number of key goals and focus issues were formulated. Since then a number of these goals have been reached or have become obsolete. The time was right for a revision of the initial list. The result is a new consolidated list of five comprehensive goals that will serve as the basis for communication and collaboration with the community and Ex Libris. These are:

  • Enhance awareness in the community, especially by encouraging and supporting Ex Libris to consume their own APIs
  • Establish “open platform using open standards”, including open data standards, as an integral design principle
  • Encourage Ex Libris to enhance and keep up to date technical documentation
  • Collaborate with all relevant Ex Libris and non Ex Libris user groups, projects and products
  • Encourage clarity, consistency and continuity in API/interoperability development practices between various Ex Libris products, in the form of an API roadmap

The Interoperability SIWG is open for receiving any examples, wishes and suggestions related to these five key goals. You can express these on the interoperability mailing list.