Interoperability SIWG News

This was our first year!

The joint IGeLU/ELUNA Interoperability SIWG was formed last year at IGeLU 2013 conference to take into account various interoperability and API issues/topics of discussion and bring them to Ex Libris’ attention.
The groups remit consists of all actively developed Ex Libris products, with the focus on a few products at any given time. The first year has been mostly about requirement gathering and getting Ex Libris to understand the various interoperability issues that come from various stakeholders and users.

The group conducted a survey on generic and product specific interoperability needs for various Ex Libris products. Summarised survey results are available here:

Goals for the future

The Interoperability SIWG has been a bit slow to progress, because of its joint working nature and a multitude of products to consider. The group has been working together via monthly internal calls, emails, and occasional calls with Ex Libris. We are relying on other PWGs/SIWGs to provide us with the specific requirements related to their products.
We now have well defined goals, and we will be working towards these with Ex Libris. We are working on improving our structure, organisation and communication with the end users, and you will hear from us more in the next year.

Give us your input

We are continuing to look for ways that we can best assist the Interoperability concerns that you may have with Ex Libris products.
If you have thoughts, ideas, or concerns, please contact via Masud Khokhar, the Interoperability SIWG coordinator: or any member from the group’s working body.

Masud Khokhar, IGeLU/ELUNA Interoperability SIWG coordinator