IGeLU Mobile App

Mobile App redesigned

In the same spirit as of last year, we will be providing you with an IGeLU 2014 Conference and Systems Seminar mobile app. The mobile app will allow you to ;

  • view session information, enriched with abstracts
  • add sessions to your personal plan (which can be browsed offline)
  • provide feedback on sessions from within the app
  • browse the the speakers list
  • check Oxford’s weather and key restaurants
  • get a quick overview on #igelu14 tweets

and more.
This year, the app has been developed internally so that we can enhance it easily for next years’ conferences. For this purpose, we would be really keen on your feedback via the respective app stores.

It’s available now

You can find all about the mobile app and its features here.

The mobile app is available via Apple store for iOS devices, Google Play store for Android devices, and Windows Phone store for Windows devices. A responsive web version is also available here.

Please note that the most recent version of the app at this time is 1.2.

Both Windows Phone store and Google Play store have this version already.
Apple takes time to update versions in its app store, so there is a chance that Apple store still has version 1.1 (which is outdated) when you read this news.
Just install it, it will be updated automatically on your device.

Masud Khokhar, IGeLU App developer