IGeLU Budgets

According with the IGeLU Statute, the Assembly of Members (Tuesday, September 6th, Session 8: 13.45-15.00) will be asked to approve the annual budget of IGeLU.

This is a crucial meeting for the Association, in order for the Steering Committee to be able to plan their activity, to organize the annual conferences and the Working Group meetings.

To allow you having a clear understanding of our activities and the expenditure needs of the Association, we published on our website  all the information concerning;

  • The 2015 closed budget
  • The current 2016 budget
  • A provisional draft 2017 budget

If you need to have more details or something is not clear enough, don’t hesitate to contact us before or at the Conference.

New consortial membership model

The IGeLU Steering Committee has discussed the option to offer a specific Consortial Membership model and checked our ideas about it with several consortia worldwide. This has lead to a Consortial Membership model that we published on our website : Consortial Membership Proposal

We propose to the Assembly of Members to approve the consortial membership model with the resulting consortial fee. Consortia will pay in one lump sum a fee of 80% of the total membership fees for each consortium institution they want to represent as IGeLU member, including the consortium member itself .

Currently this would be 200€ per consortium institution instead of the 250€ IGeLU individual membership fee.

Open positions and Candidates

Each year a number of Steering Committee member positions are open for election. You can read more on the open positions and candidates this year, here : Open positions in IGeLU SC


Extending the IGeLU Steering Committee

The Steering Committee proposes to change the IGeLU Statute art. VII 1. to allow for an extension of the Steering Committee to consist of 6 (six) members besides the Chair and the immediate Past Chair.

The work of the Steering Committee grows and with the extension of our community with the former ProQuest customers we expect this tendency to continue. We also seek to find representation of this new customer community into the Steering Committee.

According to Art. V. 8. Voting Procedures sub f. the Statute prescribes that a change of the Statute requires a vote of the membership in which 2/3 (two thirds) of the Members cast a vote, and a simple majority of those voting approve the resolution.

We published the Amendment proposal on our website.

The voting procedure will take place at the 11th IGeLU Annual Meeting in Trondheim (Norway), during the Assembly of Members. (Tuesday, September 6th, Session 8: 13.45-15.00) in the programme.


Theo Engelman                                                    Guido Badalamenti
IGeLU Chair                                                         IGeLU Treasurer