Ex Libris Cloud Status website and IGeLU/ELUNA feedback

All customers of Ex Libris hosting services can view the status of their services directly from the Ex Libris Customer Center

IGeLU and ELUNA officers have been testing the Cloud status webpages that were launched 2013-02-14 and returned feedback to Ex Libris.

Ex Libris’ reaction on our feedback was:

“Most of these comments are already part of our ideas for the next phase of the Cloud update platform (and some we haven’t thought of..).

We did make some improvements in the current system, following your ideas, which include a clearer separation between the headline and the recent resolved events.”

One of the feedback topics was the support for browsers.

Where initially the Cloud status pages were only well displayed by Internet Explorer, they now support all other browsers (Except Opera!).

We will closely monitor the implementation of the feedback remarks Ex Libris got from the user community an urge for the implementation of them.

Also IGeLU will ask for periodical reports about Cloud services downtime and other incidents.


Here is a list of feedback IGeLU and ELUNA gave on the Cloud status pages:

    • The demarcation line between the “— All Ex Libris Services Are Fully Operational —” banner and the incidents should cleary separate the current status of the hosting services and the incident section.
    • For every incident that has been solved, it might be a good idea to have an icon or any other visual sign to indicate that the issue has been solved.
    • For every incident that is still open, it might be a good idea to have an icon or any other visual sign to indicate that the issue is still open.
    • Every incident should list details about it, not only an anouncement.
    • There is an internal Ex Libris Cloud Updates procedure. It might also be a good idea to show a link to the Cloud Updates procedure in the website. Customers can thereby check what update frequency to expect for every issue
    • Show information for every incicent in a table having columns like:
      • Product – Server park
      • Description
      • Affected customers
      • Start date/time ( in local time of the Data Center, not Israel time! )
      • Fixed date time ( in local time of the Data Center, not Israel time!)
      • Icon ( color showing statusstatus)
    • Please do not repeat lines having none-information like:
      • “We are doing everything we can in order to solve the service interruption as soon as possible.”
      • “We will provide timely updates here.”
      • “Apologies for the inconvenience.”
    • Maybe it’s an idea to have a table showing the status of all products/Server parks all the time. That’s a nice overview of lots of green dots, hopefully.
    • It would be a good idea to include all information on scheduled maintenance in the cloud status page, even if no downtime is expected.