Customer Stories on Salesforce Cases

Ex Libris support cases

IGeLU has recently received feedback from members indicating disagreement and dissatisfaction with the assessment by Ex Libris support of cases opened by customers.

The main complaint is about cases where the customer regards a problem as a being a defect or missing essential functionality but instead the case is being classified as an enhancement.

Customers are also not satisfied with the status “Pending Work Plan’, because it gives no clear outlook on the time frame it takes to get a solution.

Of course we know the line between defects, missing essential functionality and enhancements can be thin and disputable. Sometimes it takes a lot of customer negotiating before there is an agreement on the Salesforce case classification.

If you encounter an issue that was working in the previous software release and is now no longer working or is absent, remember to log the issue into Salesforce with [Regression Defect] in the subject line. This will raise its profile with the Ex Libris support team.

IGeLU wants to help customers to deal with these situations in a way that prevents collisions or any other unpleasant contact between customers and Ex Libris support staff. However, IGeLU cannot represent or advocate for individual customer cases.

What IGeLU can offer you;

  • We want to encourage customers to use all the options that exist for them. This means when you are communicating with Ex Libris support staff about the classification of your Salesforce case and you are unable to agree:
  • Resist the assumption that your position will not make a difference.  Whenever you think your chances are low, you can only win.
  • Always react by adding your opinion into a comment within the Salesforce case.
  • Stay polite and professional; don’t get into an argument with support staff. Remember, they are also just doing their job as best as they can.
  • Use the option to escalate as described in the Ex Libris escalation policy –

We invite you to share your experience and stories with us. All IGeLU Product Working Groups are collecting customer stories focused on situations where your institution is convinced the case is a defect or deals with missing essential functionality, but the Salesforce case is classified as an enhancement. You can add your story by using the online form at:

The more customer stories you send us, the better IGeLU can derive common customer experiences from them.  We aim to use the united feedback to reach out to Ex Libris and discuss improvements or changes in company policies towards classification of Salesforce cases. Your stories will help us to represent the community better.

Theo Engelman
IGeLU Chair