Conference News

We have a great programme

After having prepared the conference for quite some months now, the Planning Committee cannot await the IGeLU 2015 Meeting in Budapest to start! We are happy to announce a programme brimming over with inspiring keynotes, innovative solutions, interesting user experiences and up to date product news. Its final version is to be seen here:

Thanks to you!

This wonderful agenda would of course not have been possible without the commitment of users from all over the world. Many thanks to all the experts who have submitted a paper and soon will contribute making IGeLU 2015 a most valuable experience for everybody involved.

Use the App!

And don’t forget: You are invited to evaluate the sessions you have visited by using the “Provide feedback” link in the “Details” session view of the mobile app. We are curious about your feedback!

Register for the reception!

Don’t forget to register your ID  and take your ID with you. You can do so via this secure link until August 24 2015 12:00 CET


Looking forward to seeing you in Budapest!

Peter Klien,
Member, IGeLU Steering Committee
Chair, Budapest 2015 Programme Planning Committee